Real Estate Education

Business trainer, public speaker, and sales coach Blaine Little, has been training for almost a decade.  He has written and taught several real estate continuing education (CE) courses.  Blaine is a certified NAR instructor, and you can ONLY access his real estate CE workshops through state and local associations.  He has been training Realtors for almost 20 years. Let him bring his experience to YOUR association. 

TREC approved Real Estate Courses from Momentum Seminars Training & Coaching

“Working with Buyers 101” (3 CE)

The three year model for new agents
Understanding Buyers
The 8 Steps of Home Ownership
The initial consultation
Reading body language (with exercise)
The pre-approval process
Home viewing etiquette
Follow through, what could go wrong?
Working with the other agent (with exercise)

“Working with Home Sellers 101” (4CE)

Profile of homes sold
Understanding today’s sellers
Prospecting for sellers and listings
Is the seller qualified? (with exercise)
7 secrets of prospecting
Common objections (with exercise)
Pricing the home correctly
Getting the home ready
Staging the property
Helping the homeowner avoid future liabilities
Marketing the property
Holding an open house
After the closing… what to do?

“Antitrust & RESPA Issues; Avoiding Liability” (2 CE)Antitrust, what is it? WHY is it?
The Antitrust Laws
Price Fixing
Group boycotts
Territorial Assignments
Other Antitrust concerns
Group pop quiz! True or False
NAR Video
RESPA, what does it stand for?
RESPA laws
Kickbacks and how to spot them
Case studies and lawsuits
Group pop quiz! RESPA multiple choice
Tennessee disclosure laws

“Real Estate Professional Courtesies” (2 CE)
Communication is key!
Client etiquette
Public etiquette
Realtor etiquette
MLS professionalism
Professionalism is online, too!
From offer to closing
How easy are you to work with?
Case studies

“A Phenomenal Customer Service System” (3 CE) 

The Current State of the Customer Experience
How to Break the Ice (with exercise)
So, How Bad Could it Get? (with exercise)
How to Build Trust
Common Pitfalls of Customer Retention
The 6 P’s of Customer Service
Proximity Positioning
The Power of Questions (with exercise)
How to Resolve a Bad Customer Experience
Not Every Challenge Has a Solution (with exercise)
Express Gratitude for Your Clientele (with exercise)
Customer Service Role Models (discussion and exercise)
Red Flags of Bad Customer Service

“Marketing Concepts (3CE)
“Communication Skills for the Professional” (4CE)
(Currently under State review for approval)