the 4th annual Middle Tennessee

women's conference  


We are gathering nearly 50 of Middle Tennessee’s Women for a one day conference. There will be 6 different dynamic sessions taught by local experts in their fields. Attendees will be inspired, empowered, and educated to increase their entrepreneurial power. This conference is perfect for a small business owner or manager, a corporate woman, and the women looking to increase her side business enough to leave her day job. We cover topics including empowerment, communication, and technology. 
Our speakers include: Blaine Little, Rachel Albertson, and

Takisha Bromell.  Click HERE to register.

Sessions include:
- The Six Figure Level Up
- Increasing Your Business PR & Influence
- Raise Your Hand – Does it Hurt to Ask?

- A Seat at the Table – The Power of a Mentor

- Top Marketing Challenges & Solutions For 2022

 Affiliate Marketing, How to Increase Passive Income.

Takisha's Bio:
Inspirational in her words and in her accomplishments,

Takisha Bromell is a Nashville area, award-winning

Toastmaster, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and published author of A Lady in Waiting and WOWSER. She is the former Director of Client Engagement at Michael Burt Enterprises and Chief Operating Officer for McKnight Advisory Group. Employing her vast knowledge and experience, Takisha founded GirlFriday Business Solutions, a business services and consulting company in 2017. Takisha has successfully grown in her craft, stirring her audiences to action. She is happiest when using her strengths to help others see and pursue their purpose.
To learn more about Takisha Bromell, or to inquire about opportunities to have her speak to your organization, visit her websites: and

Blaine's Bio:

About Blaine Little and Momentum Seminars Training & Coaching
Business trainer, public speaker, and business coach Blaine Little

has been training for the better part of two decades. Founder and

CEO of Momentum Seminars Training & Coaching, he has taught

THOUSANDS of business professionals across the country. He is

a Certified National Trainer, (CNT) as well as a Distinguished

Toastmaster (DTM). Blaine is known to keep training light and fun.

After all, that’s how people learn. The fact that he is a professional

magician doesn’t hurt either!
Mr. Little is best-selling author of the book; “The Individual Team;

How Fairness Wrecked the Workplace”. He has also authored his

new book: Managerial Mistakes, Missteps & Misunderstandings;

An Essential Guide to Avoiding Common Pitfalls.

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  the 4th annual Middle Tennessee women's conference