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In addition to the many fine corporate training done by Momentum Seminars, we also provide a number of community workshops, conferences and other networking events. It's all about applying business concepts! In order to remain competitive, a professional has to maintain the advantage by keeping his or her development skills sharp. The way things have always

been done... will CHANGE. Check the company

Calendar for upcoming event s near you. OR... bring him

to your organization. Equip yourself NOW to take

the leading edge!

Momentum Seminars is experienced in training for Sales,

Interpersonal Skills, Management, Customer Service,

Interview Skills, Public Speaking and so much more.

These core business principles are the lifeblood of any

company irrespective of its industry.

Experience Counts!

 He's good at this

   because it's his thing!   

Professional Development at its Best!

Momentum founder and CEO, Blaine Little has a passion

for training and does it well weaving humor and other bits of entertainment like magic. Online or in person, these workshops are an excellent way to up your game, but might only be offered once a year! Invest in yourself by attending one of these seminars! Momentum Seminars Training & Coaching has these and many more seminars and workshops available... 

  The Successful Sales Professional

  Developing a Phenomenal Customer Service System

  Successful Interpersonal Skills

  The Workshop for First-Time Managers

  Building a Dynamic and Collaborative Team

  Present with Confidence; Public Speaking for Anyone.

  Achieving Leadership Excellence

  And so much more, including one on one coaching!

What Just a Few Past Attendees Are Saying...

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training on Building Collaborative and Dynamic Teams at Work. I typically look for ways I can immediately implement concepts learned & Blaine gave plenty of practical ways to start! He is an engaging speaker and trainer. Great bonus when I’m able to have fun and learn"!  (Team Building)
Angela, Nashville, TN
“Thank you for the professional development yesterday! I had a great time and will definitely be using this information in my professional and personal life.” (Corporate Training)
L. K., Murfreesboro, TN
“Blaine is a fantastic and gregarious instructor! I learned a LOT.”
John B., Charlottesville, NC
“Very informative. Blaine put everything into simple terms and understandable. He brought personal experiences into the seminar which made it easier to grasp the concepts.”
Rachel A., Akron, OH
“The training went well and I think most of the people enjoyed it and found it beneficial. We did a lot of work and realized that our company still has a lot of work to do!”
Susan G., Dallas, TX
Great job today, Momentum Seminars. Even when you own your own companies for 30 years like I have it’s always good to have a refresher course on Communications one thing I’ve learned in life is you can never learn too much. Thanks again for your class.(Sales Seminar)
Robert M., Murfreesboro, TN

"I recently had the pleasure to attend one of Blaine Little’s workshops on public speaking. Blaine’s delivery of the material was thoughtful and well put together. He is a dynamic speaker with the ability to teach his material in a way that makes sense regardless of your level of speaking. I was able to utilize some of his teachings immediately that week for my own business and picked up small nuances and techniques that I would have otherwise not realized I was missing. I highly recommend Blaine whether you are just breaking into the role of public speaking or if you need a refresher course to refine your skill set".
Shanessa F., Murfreesboro, TN
“It was really a great training. Very helpful”. (SALES SEMINAR)
Angela B., Murfreesboro, TN
“Blaine kept the content information relevant. His presentation style kept me engaged.”
Tim D., Worcester, MA
“The workshop was awesome! Blaine knew the content very well. He was also very funny which kept me engaged.”
Ana G., Fort Worth, TX
“Blaine is a great instructor. His calm, cool disposition was refreshing. He is methodical and very seasoned.”
Rhonda H., Lakeland, FL
“Great workshop! I would come back to one of Blaine’s classes.”
Joe B., Atlanta, GA
“This workshop was great! The program leader is knowledgeable about public speaking skills".
Iola G., San Antonio, TX
“This was a very interesting seminar, packed with information and tips useful in everyday life. Good communication is definitely an important key to success. Blaine shared quite a bit of information to help me improve in even my weakest areas.”
Cindy D., Montgomery, AL
“The instructor kept us interested in what the seminar was about and kept us engaged throughout the day.”
Ariel G., Springfield, MA
Blaine was amazing and kept me engaged and interested in the material.
Sarah J., Columbus, OH
“Great energy and information in the seminar. I‘m walking away with a lot of ideas to take back to the office.”
Keesha S., Tallahassee, FL
Blaine kind of re-lit my light bulb for me. He reminded me that it is possible to work towards changing my current reality. (Life Coaching)
John C., Murfreesboro, TN
"I have had previous seminars on this topic. This seminar went beyond what was previously covered in a very entertaining and insightful way".
Tara H., Roanoke, VA
"Very informative! The instructor was knowledgeable and interactive." (2-Day Communication Seminar)
Jenna W., Atlanta, GA
"The instructor had relatable experience from multiple areas. Interesting to listen to, addressed all questions, and was knowledgeable on the topic." (Communication Seminar)
Pete S. Nashville, TN
"Blaine was very competent with the subject matter. He is hilarious! He kept my attention all day. I enjoyed his class". (Communication Seminar)
Carla D. Huntsville, AL
"Meeting with Blaine was a absolute great investment of time! I look forward to continuing the journey with him." (Career Coaching)
Dale K., Brentwood, TN
“Great seminar! I really enjoyed Blaine; he made the class interesting and fun. I would definitely take one of his seminars again!”
Sarah B., Providence, RI
"***** Five Stars!" (Career Coaching)
John H. Nashville, TN
"Meeting with Blaine has been helpful in determining what to do next in my career". (Executive Coaching)
Edward, Nashville, TN
"I wanted to focus on my personal development and one area included public speaking. I connected with Blaine who was very attentive and truly listened to understand the anxiety I have recently experienced. I’m looking forward to improving this skill with his help and direction". (Speech Coaching)

Mary J. Nashville, TN

Exercises and group activities are how professionals learn best.

We keep the energy high!

We could go on, but honestly, why BRAG?