About Blaine Little and Momentum Seminars Training & CoachingBusiness trainer, public speaker, and business coach Blaine Little has been training for the better part of two decades. Founder and CEO of Momentum Seminars Training & Coaching, he has taught THOUSANDS of business professionals across the country. He is a Certified National Trainer, (CNT) as well as a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). Blaine is known to keep training light and fun. After all, that’s how people learn. The fact that he is a professional magician doesn’t hurt either!

Mr. Little is best-selling author of the book; “The Individual Team; How Fairness Wrecked the Workplace”. He has also authored his new book: Managerial Mistakes, Missteps & Misunderstandings; An Essential Guide to Avoiding Common Pitfalls.

 What businesses are saying…
“The training was informative in a way that did not feel like a lecture. There were several opportunities for audience interaction which cemented the concepts Mr. Little taught. We intend to bring him back over the next year. We recommend Blaine Little for your next training session.”
-Tammie Albert, Ryman Hospitality Group (Gaylord Entertainment)

“Blaine’s teaching style lends itself to audience participation which is exactly
needed. I would highly recommend Blaine for any training he offers.”
– Robert Wood, President, Superior Traffic Control

“We highly recommend Blaine Little of Momentum Seminars to help any team improve and develop cohesively.”
– Dr. Mark A. Connolly, DDS, Three Rivers Family Dentistry

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