A startling 40% of middle managers claim to have had NO SKILL TRAINING when they were newly promoted! From new supervisors to strategic planning, understand how Momentum Seminars Training & Coaching  helps your people lead the way.



Does the workplace feel like an episode of Survivor? Many times, it's just misunderstandings that get in the way of collaboration and productivity. Momentum provides instruction and exercises that will help your team synergize. Sorry, no trust falls! 



We've heard it before; "My organization doesn't have a problem with communicating". We also know that's a RED FLAG! From one-on-one sales or customer service to the art of public speaking, MSTC has the experience you need.

MOMENTUM: A Gathering of Force Brought about by Change.

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We help companies create momentum by investing in their people.

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On-Site Company Training

Have a small (or large) group who need to get on the same page at once? Momentum Seminars offers corporate training at your facility or the venue of you choosing, including online. Bring the team together in a workshop that promotes the necessary skills and allows the sharing of ideas in a half-day or all-day session.

Some Past Clients include...

The Fourth Annual

Middle Tennessee Women's Conference


"Your actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear what you say."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
We are gathering nearly 50 of Middle Tennessee’s Women for a one day conference. There will be 6 different dynamic sessions taught by local experts in their fields. Attendees will be inspired, empowered, and educated to increase their entrepreneurial power. This conference is perfect for a small business owner or manager, a corporate woman, and the women looking to increase her side business enough to leave her day job. We cover topics including empowerment, communication, and technology.

Our speakers include: Blaine Little, Rachel Albertson, and Takisha Bromell.

Sessions include:

The Six Figure Level Up
Increasing Your Business PR & Influence

Raise Your Hand – Does it Hurt to Ask?

A Seat at the Table – The Power of a Mentor

Top Marketing Challenges & Solutions For 203

Affiliate Marketing, How to Increase Passive Income. 

The Fourth Annual

Middle Tennessee Women's


Coming in 2023

Some Past Clients include...